accolades … and new beginnings


the irony that on the day I made a big decision to change our lives in big, good ways … I receive a nod from a blogger I hold in high regard. and, it wasn’t about being nominated for this award (well, let’s be honest here … that’s pretty rockin!) but getting a nod from a blogger that has been doing amazing things for so long, reaching so many just brought me to my knees.

huge thanks, Dear Kitty, Some Blog for nominating me for a “Most Influential Blogger Award” – I’m humbled that my little space on the interwebs would even catch the eye of one person, never mind the folks who have decided to read and enjoy my thoughts over here.

and the new beginnings …

‘our school at home’ was a venture undertaken to create a space for one amazing child, my child, as we navigated living in an urban area with all the joys it has to offer (and there are many!). where the schools didn’t work for us (but do for many!), home-schooling became the option and opening our doors to others as a source of both collaboration and connection (and how to financially support our family) happened so naturally.

however, we’ve decided that there’s simply too many round pegs trying to fit themselves in square, triangle and even octagon shaped holes to look the other way. so, we’re sadly closing this chapter and starting a new one – sad to see the school close as it’s been such a labor of love, but happy to see new doors open, so widely, for our family.

join us on our new adventures — I’m sure there will be many! this blog will remain but this will be the last post for this blog … but not for the new blog found here at ‘our trek north‘ (come, join us on our adventure over there!)

xxoo – holly


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