it’s christmas in july!

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whenever a box or bag arrives at our doorstep (or when we’re lucky enough to head to their Concord, MA studio), the Barefoot Books logo brings such excitement in our school and with our children (and adults!). the stories draw you in and expand your imagination, the illustrations are engaging and capture the minds of young and old alike. and if you’re lucky enough to have your story read on an accompanying cd … watch out! I can’t tell you how often I’ve gleefully sat and listened alongside the children to the “Jack and the Beanstalk” story, expertly narrated by Richard Hope. and when he gets to the spot where the giant flies off the beanstalk with a giant “boooiiiinnngggg!” I join the children in fits of laughter every single time!

‘our school at home’ proudly partners with Barefoot Books and uses many of these award-winning and inspiring books in our themed curriculum.

barefoot giant turnip - ourschoolathomeblog-wordpress-com

like “the gigantic turnip” – we’ve been reading it again and again during our theme of “things that grow“. the story is wonderful, cumulative, rich … and hysterical! how these characters all work together to get this gigantic turnip out of the ground is both wonderfully collaborative and downright funny (look at the cow helping out … he’s the first of many animals that will hop on board to join in the fun!)

want to learn more about Barefoot Books or ‘our school at home’? are you local in the greater-Boston area? we’re having an wonderful “Christmas in July” gathering this Sunday, July 21st in the afternoon where you can shop for books, tour the school and see what we’re all about.

interested? send us an email at and we’ll share more — hope to see  you there! 


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