our {growing} collaborative mural

growing mural - ourschoolathomeblog-wordpress-com

. . . . . . . . . .

and, so it grows. {and grows and grows and grows!}

we all have been working on the pieces and parts that make up this mural. slowly, methodically and in all different art “styles”. pointillism was explored for the sunflower petals. we took a stab at using mosaic style for the sun and clouds. hanging art from a line allowed us to explore kinetic art and how we can use our bodies interact with this art form. we explore collage, we dive deep into our sensory bin as we engage collaboratively — some have fingers sticky with glue while others cut shapes from brown-paper sacks for the creation.

making a mural is big work here and it is deliberately not a rushed process. the mural is on a prominent wall in our discovery room and often the art is done in our art studio. but often art is also done at a table close to the mural, using the space and maybe even the proximity to the {growing} mural as inspiration for our creations. the art is done not with the intention of creating a mural, but rather done as part of our day with exploration on the top of the list.

our art is done when we need to create, not at some preset time and in some preset fashion. our art is often done where it is comfortable for the individual — on floors, on easels, on tables … even under tables sometimes and is one reason why we don’t have formal chairs around our art studio table. we have no preset start and stop time for “art” as art is an activity that can be chosen when the need to create hits.

and why the nod to van gogh’s ‘sunflowers‘, yet again? this is the full circle piece of our learning: in the exploration in our art studio around ‘perspective‘, and the many artists whose sunflower art has graced our art wall, we’ve continually been weaving this into conversations as we move through our days. how we see things, how we feel things, how we understand things, how something looks to us — all through our unique eyes and senses and ideas. the conversation that started as a base for art exploration has naturally and beautifully moved to almost every part of our day and in so many interactions … exploring how one sees something, being open to how another sees something, understanding our differences and yet embracing our connections. this has been so powerful and incredibly humbling seeing this happen by allowing it to happen naturally.

:: how can you weave perspective into your day?

:: won’t you come join us to create when the need hits? {our art studio, like every other space in our school, always has room for one more}

if you are local {and even if you are not} we welcome you to join us for slowly and deliberately made creations, of any kind, allowing you to embrace the journey. stop by in person or on this blog, we are so glad to have you.


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