the painted ladies … a release celebration

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and so, it happened. our caterpillars, one by one, transformed into their chrysalis’s. and then, as if in a well-orchestrated symphony, emerged beautifully and effortlessly as beautiful butterflies. we’ve been in complete awe in watching this transformation right before our eyes — and when I say we, I mean the children and the many adults who have been involved. the intimacy of this transformation that we’ve been so honored to be a part of, even if just by observation, has been discussion for weeks — and will likely be discussion for many weeks to come.

we had about a week with our butterflies: watching, journaling, describing and naming. we’ve learned so much about their habits, when they’re active and when they’re dormant, how to say “proboscis” and  know what it means and how it’s used, and so many more facts about our lovely painted lady butterflies. in all of this, however, we knew that these lovely creatures also belonged outside where they could fly farther than our small space allowed and find flowers with nectar, and not rely on our go-to alternative of watermelon chunks, orange slices and sugar water sprinkled on flowers from our outside space.

and, so, we wove into our time a butterfly release celebration — and what a celebration it was! watching the children rejoice in seeing each of the butterflies, one by one, leave their netted space was wonderful. seeing the butterflies spread their wings, literally and figuratively, was incredibly joy producing for every person in attendance.

but then it came time to help the one butterfly who had a bent wing and was having a hard time navigating this time. but, in the truest form of kindness and compassion, the children gathered to assist and support this small creature — finding a flower to place it on in hopes that, given time, it will join the others in flight. this little butterfly, who was named ‘jules’, was the one we all were in the most awe of. many of us adults watched during that first day after emerging from the chrysalis so inwardly fearful that this little one just might not progress like the others because of what we thought of as ‘disability’. but, then, it happened … just as the children told us all it would. jules grew and jules showed us all that a little bent wing wasn’t going to stop her.

in the celebrating of all of our butterflies and their entrance into the world where they belong, we all were most celebratory of one certain one who showed us all so much by just being. it is a front-and-center reminder that assumptions are just that — and perseverance and determination — and faith — trumps all, every time.

today, and for many days ahead, we’re embracing the spirit of jules and allowing the knowledge that anything is possible to sink deep into our bones … come and join us on this adventure

3 thoughts on “the painted ladies … a release celebration

  1. Thank you for including me in your “related articles.” It sounds like you and your kids enjoyed learning about butterflies as much as mine did!
    Cristy @ A Special Kind of Crazy

    • thanks Cristy! I think we all learned more — about caterpillars and chrysalis’s and butterflies as well as ourselves — than any of us could have imagined. holly @ our school at home

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