make a craft: nature tic-tac-toe

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many of the items we have in our discovery areas are ones we make, or have been made for us, and our nature tic-tac-toe board is no exception. the materials were very simple to source (all from our local craft store) and the painting was enthusiastically done by the children in our art studio.


the “pieces” are wooden craft wheels, but lend themselves in both shape and size to our needs. the paints are  a water-based acrylic making them easy to both apply and wash off fingers (and hands and the occasional elbow!). the base of the game is a round piece of simple balsa-wood that was painted and the tic-tac-toe board was drawn with the help of an adult. for ease, we used stickers for the two sets of game pieces (sunflower and bumble bee) but the possibilities are truly endless.


total cost for all the materials was under $10. but the cost isn’t the main factor in creating materials like this to discover and use. it is the working together, creating something for us all, together … and the process — not always the product — of tasks and creations and time together that is our focus.

the pieces are now often used to create patterns, or they might find their way to the block area to add to a building, or a castle or a creation that needs something just a little extra. the games played are sometimes tic-tac-toe … and sometimes we see how far the pieces can roll along with a simple push or a million other variations that fit the place and space we’re in at the moment.

enjoy your own creations – and the journey of embracing the act of creating, not always just the final product. 
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