the heavenly grass …

my feet took a walk in the heavenly grass.

all day while the sky shone clear as glass.

my feet took a walk in the heavenly grass.

all night while the lonesome stars rolled past.

{from “heavenly grass” by tennessee williams}

we spend so much time in nature here – exploring, discovering, simply finding our inner harmony and rhythm with our surroundings. there’s a nurturing of the soul that happens when we slow down and tune in to the world that surrounds us; a mindfulness that allows us to breathe, let go of the busy of the day, to connect to ourselves and especially to each other.

last evening was no different as we joined friends at a space that’s so close to the hustle and bustle of our city, yet when you enter the gates you’re transcended to a quiet oasis. last evening we adults sat for hours enjoying the space, enjoying conversation and friendship, enjoying watching our children from afar as they dove deep into play and connecting. and our children? hours of working together, guiding each other, finding snails hidden in plants, quietly observing families of wild rabbits out for their evening meal, running barefoot and rolling down hills atop the coolness of the evening grass.

this morning we read {and re-read again and again} that portion of the poem by tennesee williams. we read it together pausing on words known and unknown, we listened to it being read with eyes closed while fresh memories danced in our heads, we read it and giggled over how the grass tickles the little spaces between toes.

something so simple, so abundant, so ‘everywhere’, grass is. yet, when we pause some, when we slow down some, when we mindfully set aside time to just explore our most basic pieces in our world, magic happens.

:: will you find time to find the magic in the ordinary today? ::


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