a {nature} scavenger hunt

nature scavenger hunt 1
in all this wonderful flurry of discovery and investigations into things that grow, as well as our investigations around perception {our art studio right now highlights this}, a scavenger hunt to find open-ended items was just needed. how we understand the world around us is so important — how we take the pieces and that understanding that fill our senses is even more important. discovering, exploring, hypothesizing, observing … simply being with each other, sharing space and thoughts and {always!} some smiles and giggles.

today’s {nature} scavenger hunt is from an absolute gem of a blog, and a favorite spot for inspiration and sharing, ‘hands on as we grow‘. jamie has a wonderful blog entry on both this {nature} scavenger hunt, but also on countless other scavenger hunts as a tool for discovery and exploration.

today, just in our outdoor space, we delighted in finding treasures in such a well-loved area …

:: a small flower
:: a big flower
:: a leaf from a plant with no flowers
:: a flower that smells good to you
:: a flower that is your favorite color
:: a big leaf
:: a cool-shaped leaf
:: a stick
:: something that you like

nature scavenger hunt 2 this list simply resonated with me. allowing more than just looking in nature to find items, this list asked for your input as well … something you like, something that smells good to you, something that is your favorite color. this took the discovery and investigation beyond just locating an item, but also locating one that resounds with you … allowing this discovery to be uniquely your own.

when the hunt was over, we spread out the contents and talked about each one …
:: how does it smell to you? 
:: how do the feel? 
:: describe the shapes of the leaves
:: how are the leaves similar? different?
:: sort by color, shape, type
:: tell me, in your words, about this {leaf | flower | stick}

each thought shared, each ‘descriptor word’ used, each observation and hypothesis offered is so unique … and is the perspective that each of us offer for these shared or similar items. in exploring our world, we explore a little about ourselves {no matter the age}. in sharing our perspective, our observations, our questions and hypothesis’, our voices matter, our thoughts are important, our discovery becomes the foundation for our exploratory learning.

. . . . . . . . . .
when you explore nature today, where will your scavenger hunt take you? 
. . . . . . . . . .


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