strawberry fields forever …

strawberry trug late spring in new england means one thing to many of us: fields of red, ripe, juicy strawberries to pick (and eat and eat some more while picking!). there is nothing so amazing than peeking under leaves to find these juicy berries, warm from the sun, just waiting for us.

the picking, though, is only part of why we’re here in these fields … we’re also talking about how to gauge when a berry is ready {plant cycle of flower to fruit}, who else likes these berries {birds, wildlife and others} and how we’re a part of this cycle as human-consumers as we live off this shared land. we spent the day sneaking berries while picking — but then remembering to return to the earth strawberry tops for natural composting. we hypothesize and observe and record in our journals how planting berries is beneficial to our garden at home: sharing our bounty with the birds, who in turn, eat bugs in our yard and garden allowing healthy plants to grow and produce their bounty again. the simplicity of discussing cycles in either small or grand-scale — discussing eco-systems in this meaningful, hands-on manner is where learning through discovery, and doing, is at its best.

we always end our days with red-stained fingers and faces, berry juice drips on legs and shirt-fronts, bellies full and souls nourished. so many laughs and giggles shared in these strawberry fields that it feels like we’d like to stay forever with our sun-kissed faces, time connecting with each other, immersed in nature that surrounds us.

:: where will your next adventure take you? ::

:: what treasures are waiting for you to discover in the world around you? ::

strawberry goodness

strawberry goodness


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