the painted ladies

this month we have been diving in deep into the process of ‘how things grow’ — from seeds and plants to ourselves and the animals and creatures around us. what better way to really watch a life cycle than to invite in this process to our nature center. and, thanks to the folks over at ‘insect lore’, we found everything we needed to have this experience be {hopefully!} successful.

welcome to our painted lady caterpillars: spikey, orangie, julie, harry and tiny {who really is tiny!}

part of our enjoyment with these new creatures is also watching and observing over time — journaling is a big part of our rhythm and how we regularly express our experiences and share ideas collectively. there is such a wealth of resources from other home schooling caregivers and this is no exception. the butterfly observation notebook, from 123 homeschool 4 me {}, that we’re using is wonderful and just a perfect size for small hands. daily we’re turning to the magnifying glass and the jar the caterpillars arrived in {multiple times a day, really!} and recording what stage of development our five friends are in as well as what they’re doing. often we’re observing things we haven’t a good answer for — so we hit the books we have on the subject to learn more {like, why is there evidence of what looks like a web?}.

join us on our adventure of caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly this month! we’re excited to have you along!

the painted ladies


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